HPSA Facilities:
The Highland Park Soccer Academy's fields are on the SE corner of the Northway Church at Durham & Wentwood. Map

HPHS Facilities:
The Highland Park High School's Multi-Purpose Indoor Athletic Center is in front of the HPHS Stadium at 4200 Grassmere. Map

A word about the facilites:

We do have great training spaces that range from small, medium, and large depending on the specific topic of the training session. Most of youth club teams practice in less than ideal spaces and 75% of these same youth teams practice in less than half of a field. Most youth teams certainly do not have lights available and they surely lack the alternative spaces that we currently practice on at our facilities.

Practice spaces for scrimmages, set plays training, attack vs. defense training are used on a individual team basis and as the coach deems necessary. Bottom line, games are won and lost in the 4 approx. 25 x 50yd quadrants of a field and not over 50+yd areas of a field, like a less skilled 'long ball' kick and run team plays, which is not what knowledgable fans of soccer define as 'the beautiful game'.

Thank you,
HPSA DOC Mark McCracken